About me

I’m a web developer offering technological solutions to your company, using tools like Python, Django, Javascript (ES6) and AngularJS 1.x; I am such an enthusiastic learner of new languages and new technologies. My background is I'm working with programming since 2013, but I learn how to program since 2011. I really enjoy to play guitar and card games like Magic and Hearthstone. If you want to know me better, just contact me or access my blog at the link below.


Minha Leitura

Photoshop + Illustrator + Android - Created visual identity, brand, logo and imagery, worked in some parts of development. App link on Play Store.


Django - Events management system, created using Django, Heroku and best programming techniques. website link | Github link.

Galvan Engenharia

HTML + CSS - Created the template for a engineering company website link.

N1 Team

Django + HTML + CSS - Implemented Django for backend and improvements on layout using HTML and CSS for a martial arts academy website link.